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Monday, February 23, 2009

I propose ONE tax for Canada, no more income/corporate taxes.

I have stated for years that we should simplify our taxe system to its simplest method. ONE taxe, a sales taxe... you buy you pay a tax, you don't you pay nothing.

This one taxe system would cover EVERYTHING; Unemployement Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Income Taxes, Corporate Taxes, etc... . ALL revenue would come from that one sales tax. The tax would be the same value for everything, no different for gas, electricity, cigarettes (we should ban the sale in Canada), etc... the same tax for all.

We could eliminate the Revenue services of the Federal and Provincial governments and people would no longer go through the frustrating yearly task of doing their taxes.

As well working "under the table'' (getting paid in cash to avoid taxes) would be useless since you would still be contributing like everyone else... the only down side is if you hold a job that pays in such a manner and lose your job you would not be able to get unemployement insurance but you would have contributed just like everyone else. I like that concept, hehe.

This would eliminate all tax deductions, they would be all gone (medical, education, corporate, etc...). A company would no longer pay a corporate tax, it would simply pay taxes on products it purchases to build and maintain (materials) its company.

Healthy food would not be taxed and clothing of 40$ of less would not be taxed. This way the really poor could still feed and clothe themselves.

A one purchasing tax system that would be administered by the Provincial governments and they would send X amount of money to the federal government based on their population. Forget which province is richer or poorer, everyone pays the same per capita.

As for the city taxes, you simplify that one with one tax system... you pay on a per square meter that you own. Not the value of your home but the square meter of property you have. This way someone who has 1000 square meters with a home value of 300 000$ would pay the same as someone who owns 1000 square meters with a home value of 150 000$. This is democratic and fair. The more land you have the more taxes you pay.

Agricultural land that is USED for agriculture would only have a set % taxed, the amount would never go higher than X amount of square meters. This way farmers would not fear buying huge amounts of land and having to pay huge property taxes.

School taxes would also fall into that one tax system, no longer would you have to pay yearly school taxes and it would eliminate another system of administration.

Critics state that many people would cross the border. That can be resolved, all the 100$ of millions you saved by eliminating the revenue services and school board administration for taxes you could divert a portion of that to increasing border agents & increase the size of border crossings (doubling both in size). They would have enough manpower to search. If you are caught trying to bring something over without paying taxes... you would pay double the tax.

Imagine making 1000$ a week and taking home ... 1000$!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I make more money than 99.06% of everyone on Earth.

Next time you complain that you do not have any money... do not think it's because you do not HAVE any money. You more than likely have it. You probably live over your limit and this is likely caused by always looking at material things people with more money than you have and you want it as well.

Well look at it from another angle and maybe you will not feel so bad about not having what someone else has.

I feel pretty damn lucky!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The earth receives more energy from the Sun in just ONE hour than the world uses in a WHOLE year

You read that right and it is not some mumbo jumbo science talk.

It is very well documented that if we could use all the energy we get from the Sun we would have zero need of coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, geo-thermal or any other form of energy.

Unfortunately this world runs on money for EVERYTHING and science is often lacking in such funds and because of this solar energy is not where it could be if leaders of the world had made it a priority as soon a we started to research solar technology.

But never let anyone state that we can not live on solar energy alone, with the proper resources committed to the Sun's great power this planet could have limitless energy.

Imagine everywhere in the world getting all their energy needs for a year with just a few hours of captivating the Sun's rays.

Most people would ask why this is not already the case since we have solar panels?

The main obstacle is the following:

Our solar panels do a poor job of captivating the energy it receives from the sun, this is one of the reasons they are so big. Science is "slowly" designing solar panels that can capture more energy that is projected on them, achieving 100% captivity being the goal. This is the key, if panels could capture 100% solar energy (last time I check it was less than 10%) then panels would be very small and they would not have to be big to power our infrastructure, forget about your roof being full of solar panels with this type of technology, they will be up to 10 times smaller than what you see now and do a better job! Powering your home, car and other utilities with energy to spare.

I just hope to see this in my lifetime!