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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The choice of not having any kids.

I've blogged before that I've lived the perfect childhood, so I don't have any bad experiences that pulled me in the direction of not desiring children, it's been like that since my teen age years.

A good 20 years later I can elaborate why I have remained without the desire to have children.

I want to focus my time and energy on my couple in terms of personal or common interests, needs, goals and dreams. I never felt the interest to take on the job of parenting, nothing about it really appeals to me and since a child is the single biggest responsibility anyone will ever undertake, I was never going to just "try it".

For those that might think of replying "But your heritage?"... All I can say is "REALLY?" People really have kids these days so their lineage can continue? What the hell does it matter if it stops? Who's going to care in a 1000 years? On a universal scale A whole lifetime is nothing but less than HALF a second. I say to these people, enjoy your moment it's likely all there is and it is VERY VERY VERY short.

As for those that say it's selfish, having kids is selfish as well, people want them for the pleasure it will bring them, not because they feel it is a duty they must do. But in their selfishness people will likely nurture and care for this child, but let's be clear they wanted it for THEM, and that's OK.

In short, I want to live my dream of being with a women I love, cherish her deeply, discover the world with her, grow as a person because of her and see life through her eyes. I never felt the need for a child to accomplish that.