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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The "most" profound video I have ever seen...


Click here to watch it and read my thoughts AFTER viewing it.

Now did you watch it? No... then don't bother reading on :p .

Why is a video about the cosmos one I find so profound? Because it brings EVERYTHING into perspective. It shows how irrelevant we are in the big picture, right away that sounds depressing but it is not, it is rather uplifting because if you look at some of the negative issues going on in the world or your own life this simple video shows to you how small it is... so small you can almost consider it non-existent.

Of course that is not really the case, if you are sick or starving the pain or hunger is not non-existent, but your mind can give you more even in such dyer situations.

If you have any negative energy around you at this very moment (sickness, no job, lack of food, etc...), watch the video again and ponder your problem in terms of how big it is to the Universe, it just is not there.

Your body might feel it but your mind does not have too... the choice is yours.

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