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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pro-Life = Pro-Oppression of your freedom.

Yesterday was the pro-life movement's annual rally in Ottawa.

What is the main focus of this rally? To promote that abortion is evil, instill the fear of some fairy tale (god) in you and that they are protecting this life in the belly of the women (never mind the woman's freedom). As well, they state having said to their god they've spiritually adopted the child. I wonder if this spiritual adoption will feed, raise, educate, play, nurture and give this child a home? Of course not, they make a small mental note, move on and the person who does not want this life ends being stuck with all the unwanted responsibilities.

How does being pro-life make a person pro-oppression? Simple, they have no issue imposing their belief on everyone else. Ask these people if they would make abortion illegal and they'll say yes (I've never had one say no). I have asked often and then replied with; "So you have no issue imposing your personal beliefs on others?" 99% of them get all squeamish trying to mumble their way out of this obvious FACT. Because if they support imposing beliefs on others, then there's nothing wrong with what Islamic fundamentalists are trying to do, or that white supremacists would impose slavery on colored people.

If they were against imposing their beliefs on you they would not parade against abortion, they would be pro-choice and would work hard to promote & offer alternatives to women but should a women choose abortion they would respect her decision and not vilify her.

The argument is simple, if you're pro-life, GREAT! Then don't do it yourself (abortion) but don't go imposing this on everyone else.

I would fight for someone's freedom to NOT have to get an abortion, but I would fight just as much for someone to have that right. Wars are fought because of other imposing their beliefs... Pro-choice people tend to forget that.

Pro-life is a personal decision, pro-choice is a public freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Don't these protesters have better things to tend to their own business/life?

I can't find enough time in one day to get my own things done. Sheesh!