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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Which one is bigger, Virus or Bacteria?

Bacteria by a landslide, it takes several thousands of gene to form a Bacteria while a virus can be created with less than 10, like the HiV virus (causes AIDS).

They can stay dormant for billions of years and then you give them a food source and they will multiply faster than anything.

Humans have over 100 000.

So the little guy made out of nothing is the actually the BIG guy ;) .

How do we fight them? Antibiotics, the problem with that is antibiotics kill pretty much everything in site, even the good bacteria in our gut which is were over 70% of our immune system comes from, so we are trying to fight off a virus and we kill all those friends of ours in our gut trying to do exactly that. We have 400 species of friendly bacteria that number in the trillions, so much that if you put them all together in your hand they would have a weight of 1 kilo (2.2 pounds).

Whenever you take antibiotics, go buy some DanActive (properly researched probiotic) at the local supermarket, it has 10 billion friendly bacteria per serving, drink 1-2 a day until you no longer are on antibiotics. I take one everyday, it is a yogurt that you drink. Probiotic .

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