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Friday, December 5, 2008

Are we destroying all the medicine for the future?

In our greed for more money people are destroying the rain forests at a startling pace. It used to cover 14% of the earth, now it is down to 6%, all this was done in less than 50 years..

Did you know that 50%, yes FIFTY % of ALL known living things on land live in the rain forests.

For many this will not bother them or are unaware. But here is a fact that might just bother everybody because in our day and age of healthy foods devalued of nutrients, junk food and BILLIONS of man made pollutants we have ailments appearing at a faster paste than we can find cures.

The rain forest alone accounts for over 25% of all medicine sold in the world and this comes from less than 100 plants in the rain forest. Conservative scientists state we know less than 10% of all plants in the rain forests.

Off the KNOWN plants, 3000 have been identified to fight or kill cancer cells, all living in the rain forest.

When you consider that over 137 species of plants and animals are made extinct everyday from deforestation that means allot of possible medicine to fight all the crap WE humans have made.

So basically mother nature has given us everything to thrive but we are tearing it apart.

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