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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One hint that a country is out of control... too many GUNS!

USA is certainly king in that department.

In USA you have 290 million guns floating around, that is 90 guns for every 100 US Citizen. Population is 308 million (est. 2008)

How bad is that? Well second place in the world goes to India who has 45 millions guns... that is 6 times less than USA and India has a population of 1,147,995,904 (July 2008 est.).

Oh and the biggest reason they fight hard to keep the rights to carry weapons... in case they need it to defend themselves against their OWN government should it ever turn against them. Now I do not know about you but if my Government was the US one and it turned on me with the military backing it I would not feel too good about going up against a tank with a simple gun, or a jet, or a battalion of heavily armed men or artillery, etc...

I hope Canada never gets that bad but we do have allot, they say 1 for every 3 Canadian is a good estimate.

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