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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our precious drinking water... so little... yet so VERY much.

Of all the water in the world only 2.5% is fresh water, meaning you can drink it as opposed to salt water (drinking salt water will kill you).

To make matters worst 99% of that 2.5% is ICE (North and South Poles and mountain tops) so access to fresh water is no easy task... lets not forget how much we humans have polluted allot of that water and so it needs to be treated before drinking (yes just us humans again destroying ourselves).

Funny thing is we have TONS of fresh water all around us... the AIR you breath, it is called water vapor.

Pretty ironic how people our dying of thirst on a daily basis all over the world when water is all around them.

Now we just need to find an efficient way of transforming the water vapors into drinking water we can start drinking some pretty damn clean water!

There is one company that seems to have accomplished this (A Canadian one too!) but we will know for sure next year when it rolls out... and of course the cost.

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