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Monday, January 19, 2009

Canada is not a democracy until we have popular representation.

The current system of voting we have in Canada is just horrendous, it is NOT democratic and every vote DOES NOT count. Every vote MUST count in a democracy and this can only be achieved by some form of popular representation.

A good example of why our current system is undemocratic is the past election results:

2008 Federal elections results .

We can clearly see that the Bloc Québécois received 8% of the popular vote but ended up with 16% of the seats, the NDP got 18% of the popular vote and that gave them just 12% of the seats, the Conservatives finished with 38% but somehow that gave them 46% of the seats and finally the green party received 7% of the popular vote and that gave them ZERO seats.

Another great example was the 3 straight majority governments the liberals formed during the Jean Chretien era... not ONCE did they have more than 51% of the popular vote. What that says is that the majority of Canadians did not want them in power but they still ended with total control of the country without having to deal with other parties.

Popular representation would simply force parties to work together AND work harder to try and win majorities. It would give a chance to small parties to have a voice which means the PEOPLE who voted for them would have a voice.

And finally... I hate that every federal & Provincial elections I ever voted in my vote was USELESS, I could have just not voted and it would have made no difference because in our current system if the party you voted for does not win in your riding then your vote is good for nothing except statistics for the media.

If we had a form of popular representation EVERY vote would count, THAT is power to the people.

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