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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Canada needs an elected Senate.

Canada is supposed to be a democratic country but we have a few issues that does not make Canada a democracy, one of them is that senators are simply appointed by the prime minister yet these senators are making decisions for the people of Canada at the highest level.

We need to have them elected. You can argue any way you want but the fact is that IS democratic.

Some people have stated that we need it as is because at times politicians need to make though decisions that are unpopular to certain lobby groups that support them financially during elections and if they were elected those senators would think more about getting re-elected than doing what is right for the country... REALLY? And instead of finding a solution to that we simply leave it as is? (meaning UN-democratic).

I will give you the solution to that one... make it so they can not run for more than two terms, this way you can not be a senator for more than 8 years. This is something I discussed in a previous post regarding limited terms for politicians.

At least senators on their last term might not be afraid to make though decisions that are good for the country even if it would mean a backlash from certain interested groups.

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